Reverse Spike to Base Cup (9)

はやて中皿 – “Hayate Naka-zara”

OK. This is where things start to get a bit more tricky. Move up to this one when you are pretty confident with all the basics of Kendama. For starters, it’s really two moves in one but also both moves require skill and dexterity.

Firstly – start off holding the ball with the Ken hanging down. Do what works for you but as a guide, the hole should be facing away from you and up at a 45 degree angle. Next, swing the Ken so it moves away from you during the bottom part of the swing, then back towards you (it will now be higher than the ball). If you have done it right, you can catch the spike part of the Kendama in the hole. If you want to celebrate, give it a rattle but you’re not there yet!

Secondly (and this part requires some speed) – holding the ball still, flick the Kendama so that it goes straight up in the air above the ball. When you have done this, quickly grab the Ken with the hand you are holding the ball with (letting go of the ball at the same time!) and bring the Ken around the ball so it is below it, enabling you to catch it in the base cup. This all takes place in a fraction of a second and will require some practice!

The guy in the video below has combined the trick with a candle grip (gripping the spike instead of the Ken), you can do either.