540 to Base Cup (10)

空中ぶらんこ – “Kuuchuu Buranko”

Another multi-part trick with a slightly different starting grip this time. The ball starts on the spike and you actually hold the string halfway along so that the entire Kendama (ball and Ken) hang down with the ball still sitting on the spike. Again, do what works best but you will need to rotate the Kendama around your grip so maybe hook one or two fingers underneath the middle of the string so the Kendama hangs freely AND you can rotate it.

The next step is to rotate the Kendama (so it orbits around your hand), one half rotation moving away from you at the bottom part of the rotation and then towards you at the top. When it is nearing the top of the rotation, let go of the string (this release of tension should separate the ball from the spike) and with the same hand, reach up and grab the ken so the base cup faces up. Let the ball swing down, round and up again and catch the ball in the base cup.