Ken Around The World

The guys at Kernow Kendama are currently setting up an interesting project called Ken Around The World: It’s a project to raise money by sending the same Kendama to as many players around the world as possible. The money that’s raised will be spent on the finale of the project – a scout’s trip to the geographic North Pole with the Kendama. When the Kendama, is sent off, each player will have a chance to film a 20 or 30 second clip with the Kendama before posting it off to the next player. We’ve signed up our pro team and will monitoring the progress of the Ken closely!

Kernow Kendama

The Ken Around The World initiative was started by Wez Swain, a Cornwall-based Scout Leader. If it raises enough money, he will take 3 scouts to visit the North Pole along with the Kendama which will be spiked for the final bit of footage. We wish Wez and the guys the best of luck – if you want to get involved or just find out more, check out the Ken Around The World facebook page