Ozora Kendama


Ozora Kendama

Kendama Name: Ozora, Oozora or “Big Sky” Kendama (大空)

Manufacturer: Yamagata Koubou Co. Ltd (山形工房)

Materials: Beech (for the Ken/Stick) and Cherry (for the Tama/Ball)

Total Weight: 136 g

Ball Weight: 72 g

Height with ball: 18.5 cm

Ken/Stick height: 16 cm

The above picture shows the JKA sticker of approval for the Ozora Kendama. The colour designates the Kendama type, in the case of Ozora Kendama, the sticker is yellow. A lot of  players, especially those more experienced with Kendama favour the Ozora because of the unique characteristics of it’s balance and weight distribution.

A relatively new product to the Kendama scene, production of the Ozora Kendamas first began in April 2008 with an initial run of red, dark blue, green yellow and grain Ozora. The additional pink and light blue Ozoras were introduced in May 2009.

Kendama Ozora YellowKendama Ozora Yellow Packaging